Have you ever been fishing with your family? If you’re on the lookout for a new hobby the whole family can enjoy, why not give it a go at Les Rivets fishery , there are loads of benefits! Fishing gives families the perfect opportunity to spend time together in the great outdoors, it’s also really relaxing, and a great way to teach kids the art of patience and perseverance, as they wait to land their first catch. Kids will get a real sense of pride if they get to eat the fish they catch, and a much better understanding of where the food we eat comes from.

At Les Rivets we understand kids have short attention span and you may not fancy a week under the same tent, so sit back and relax by also renting the accommodation at Les Rivets, the beautiful 4 double bedroom house has plenty of room for the family to spread out and relax and also comes with a large heated outdoor pool.. 

This allows you to easy mix up your time from fishing to having fun in the pool or enjoying a family BBQ on the terrace.. the choice is yours..