Tips & advice

We want you to have the best fishing experience, so below are some tips and advice when fishing at Les Rivets.

Fish late in the day.

The keen early morning arrivals have come and gone. Although you’ve probably got to be off by dark, those last three hours can be a great time for a bite or two as the fish can really turn on.

Sit back.

Whether you’re lowering a rig by hand down the edge, literally an inch or two out or dropping a rig in and walking your rod back along the margin 20 yards, don’t sit on top the fish. You can very easily spook them.

Bait and wait.

Whether floater fishing or bottom bait fishing I like to drip a few freebies into any appealing spots if you load up on the same point every day, the carp will eventually find it with you hook sitting in the middle of it

Be Very Patient

Carp are infamous for gently striking bait a few times before they actually strike it. Give your carp a chance to take the bait before you try to set the hook. It’s a good idea to always have a hook remover on hand to make it easy to remove a hook from a carp who swallowed it. 

Duck, Duck, Carp!

If there are ducks or geese near the body of water you’re carp fishing in then you might want to try and fish near the animals. Carp have been known to follow ducks, especially in areas where the ducks are fed by humans. Carp love a free bread meal and they don’t care how they get it. Just remember not to hit or hurt any ducks when you cast out your line.

Use the Right Hook Colour

You’ll have the best results using a black matte hook when fishing for carp. In particular we recommend using the Gamakatsu Black Octopus Hook. If you’re using corn as bait then a yellow or gold hook will work fine, but in murky water make sure to avoid using a shinny hook— the carp will see it and shy away from your bait.