Les Rivets Bait Prices

We use our own Boilies developed by a fish farm in the UK at the Les Rivets fishery , we only stock this year the 20mm Garlic sized boilies which are also available on site. View Les Rivets available selection of baits to use at our fishing lake.

Les Rivets Bait Prices

The Bait prices below are only for Anglers fishing the Les Rivets Fishery. At Les Rivets if you wish to use our bait services, there are three options how you can purchase your bait. Order your bait by emailing us and then payment for your bait to be paid on site at Les Rivets in Euros or in Pounds by bank transfer - see your My Booking link sent to you on booking for account details.

Les Rivets Boiles

 The boilies are made to allow fishery owners to feed the larger fish without wasting feed on the smaller nuisance fish, the boilies have been formulated to be a complete balanced diet and have a balanced nutritional value containing a full vitamin and mineral supplement. They mill there our own carp pellets to a fine powder then add other ingredients such as, pre-digested fish meal, maize protein extract, purified blood powder, ground hemp, vitamin and minerals.

       With the help of a company that specialises in this field we developed our own protein based egg replacement, this is because the lipid or fat content of eggs is too high, our protein binder has a lipid or fat content of just 0.5%, compared to over 40% in eggs, carp use the lipid or fat content as an energy source so it is essential at the correct level, during the colder months they require less as they are less active, as the water warms up they require more as their activity level increases, but too much fat in their diet can have disastrous consequences on their internal organs, so its important not to exceed 10% in winter and 12% in summer. Their ability to utilise protein also increases as the water warms up in summer, ingredients have been carefully chosen to ensure the carps 10 essential amino acid requirements are met

Boilies Prices if order by 31st January 2021. (Special prices for 2021)

1 kg of 20 mm Boilies  Garlic   £6 ,     2.5 kg 20mm Boilies   Garlic  £15,   5 kg 20mm Boilies  Garlic    £28,  10 kg 20mm Boilies   Garlic  £57


Per 5 Kg  £ 12.00   ,  Per 10 Kg  £20.00,     Per Sack 25 kg £40.00