Les Rivets Bait Prices

We use Premier Baits at the fishery , choose from a selection of different size boilies all available on site. View Les Rivets available selection of baits to use at our fishing lake.

Les Rivets Bait Prices

The Bait prices below are only for Anglers fishing the Les Rivets Fishery. At Les Rivets if you wish to use our bait services, there are three options how you can purchase your bait. Order your bait by emailing us and then payment for your bait to be paid on site at Les Rivets in Euros or in Pounds.By bank transfer - see your My Booking link sent to you on booking for account details.

About Premier Baits

Did you know Premier Baits were the first company to commercially produce a fish meal Boilie? Well that was back in the mid '80s, but they are still the best baits available in our opinion. We strongly believe our fish meal Boilies offer the best all round nutrition available in a bait. They provide the Carp with lots of Protein, energy, vitamins, minerals etc. they promote fast & healthy weight gain, and help speed up tissue repair. They give the Carp pretty much everything they need – except water! So you can see why our fish meal Boilies work so well, and will always work well. We suggest using fish meal Boilies through all 4 seasons. When the going gets really tough - during really cold weather, or if the Carp have been dormant for a while, you can have your Fish Meal Mix Winterised, or why not try an All Season or Bird food bait to try and tempt them.


1 kg of 14 mm / 18 mm Boilies   £10 ,     2.5 kg 14mm / 18mm Boilies    £27,   5 kg 14 mm / 18 mm Boilies     £45,  10 kg 14 mm/ 18mm Boilies     £80


Per 5 Kg  £ 12.00   ,  Per 10 Kg  £20.00,     Per Sack 25 kg £40.00

Hemp Prepared

Per 5 Kg  £16.00    ,  Per 10 Kg  £30.00,     Per 15 Kg  £42.00

Multi Blend

Per 5 Kg  £14.00   ,   Per 10 Kg  £25.00,     Per 15 Kg  £30.00