Les Rivets Bait Prices

We use Boilies developed by Dutch Company MTC , we only stock this year the 20mm Triple RGarlic sized boilies which are also available on site. View Les Rivets available selection of baits to use at our fishing lake.

Les Rivets Bait Prices

The Bait prices below are only for Anglers fishing the Les Rivets Fishery. At Les Rivets if you wish to use our bait services, there are three options how you can purchase your bait. Order your bait by emailing us and then payment for your bait to be paid on site at Les Rivets in Euros or in Pounds by bank transfer - see your My Booking link sent to you on booking for account details.

Les Rivets Boilies 

Forget all the other baits with Garlic Powder and Robin Red, TRG is really something else. This bait is filled to the brim with proven super additives.

The Robin Red and Chili Powder duo is absolutely 'killing'. Of course, a healthy dosage of Garlic Powder has been used and finishers such as Onion Powder and Predigested Fish Meal. What makes this freezer bait really special are the few tenths of a millilitre of Essential Garlic Oil which penetrate to the core of the bait.

We stock and feed now MTC Baits these being 20mm boilies.

1 kg of 20 mm Boilies  Triple R Garlic   £8 ,     2.5 kg 20mm Boilies   Triple R Garlic  £20,   5 kg 20mm Boilies  Triple R Garlic    £38,  10 kg 20mm Boilies   Triple R Garlic  £78


Per 5 Kg  £ 12.00   ,  Per 10 Kg  £25.00,     Per Sack 25 kg £45.00

MTC Baits: