Our lake exclusive fishing lake is Set in the beautiful National Park of the Puisaye region of the Yonne, Approx 8 km's from St Fargeau, and 40km's West of Auxerre. The 9 ache lake has 11 man-made swims , 8 of these are double swims which gives comfort for 8 anglers, and can take up to 10 anglers without a problem and is fully stocked with over 290 carp, ranging for 22 to 52Ibs.

The Lake is spring and river fed and is a closed water with night fishing allowed. 

There is plenty of tree cover and the bottom of the lake is clay, sand and has some gravel areas. 

The depth of this lake is from 4 feet at the shallow end and up to to 17 feet deep at the dam end and the average depth is over 7 ft deep.  There is also a path all round the lake and for moving tackle around we have a mini tractor and trailer

There is plenty of tree cover and the bottom of the lake is sand and has some gravel areas. 

  • No accommodation included
  • Includes Toilet and Shower facilities
  • Food package available
  • Freezer for Bait
  • Battery Charging Facilities.

The shower toilet block has been built with two toilets, two showers and has power points for charging your batteries. The block is on the house side of the lake and has a fully functional kitchen including a chest freezer for use of bait. The Shower toilet block and kitchen area are heated, so for the winter months no getting out of a hot shower into a cold room. On the other side of the lake there is a five meter square shed which holds a toilet.

Food / Tackle and Bait

There will be a section of baits for sale being boilies, pop ups, hemp and pellet, you may order these in advance and pick them up on arrival. The tackle for sale is limited to mainly end tackle but if you have a major tackle problem on site them rods, reels, etc can be hired. Bait boats will be allowed on the fishery.


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  • 15lb 13oz
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